Can you come to us?

Happy to.


While we do have a purpose built training centre in Canberra and travel nationally on a regular basis to a range of work sites, we also conduct courses international every year.


Based in Canberra Australia we are currently focused across Australasia, the Middle East, North and South Americas.

What age groups normally go to the Safe Travel Gap year courses?

We have two main groups come through our Travel Safe courses. First are the school leavers who are headed off on a amazing journey. We prepare them with the life skills they will need to deal with the excitement and dangers they will undoubtedly face.


Secondly there is the mature person who either travels for work or heading off on an adventure in retirement. While there is overlap in the course content, it is presented in a different atmosphere ensuring that the information is efficiently ‘absorbed’.


We look at threat awareness, effective communication strategies, emergency first aid, travel scams, how best to smoothly pass through checkpoints and selecting better accommodation options.

What makes the Tony Blauer P.D.R. System different?

The core of P.D.R.™ (personal Defence Readiness) is based on the S.P.E.A.R. SYSTEM™ (Spontaneous Protection enabling an Accelerated Response) which is the first genetically & behaviourally inspired self-defence course of its kind.


It is the only self-defence method that fully integrates the body’s reflexive responses and instinctive survival. Our certified instructors share the unique and patented learning models but most importantly, we benefit directly from the pioneering research Tony Blauer has accomplished on how to manage and overcome fear.


Strategically & tactically speaking, our courses are based on how real confrontations actually occur! The scenario/behavioural approach to training has been tested on humans for over 20 years. The Blauer curriculum is based on a ’3-Dimensional’ theory that creates confidence on emotional, psychological and physical levels.


The Blauer approach fosters respect for yourself and others by developing virtues like self-discipline, humility, assertiveness and character. Since the program is so focused around the managing of one’s fears, it directly works the ‘esteem’ and ‘ego’ centres of anyone sincerely studying the system, ultimately leading to greater self- knowledge and personal evolution.

If I’ve never done this type of Martial Art activity before, is it still right for me?

The first step is the biggest.


Its our professional duty to ensure you are provided the best information, and it is paced so you can move along the learning curve so you not only get the hang of it, but as required can use the skills and information you are absorbing.


Plus, our personalised detailed coaching will ensure you receive the right workout intensity, skill practice, and environment needed to reach your next level.

Is this a violent place really? Why should I do PDR?

Well there are 2 things here, first by doing this course you will have the ability to enjoy life with a much higher level of confidence. This is priceless. Secondly, you may be OK in some circumstances but there is no more important motivator in life than to protect those you love… and you need to be aware of your surroundings and have the response – abilities to engage tactically. At Naturally Applied we offer personal protection courses based on the Personal Defence Readiness (PDR)™ program of Tony Blauer’s S.P.E.A.R. System™ – the first genetically and behaviourally inspired self-defence program: anyone can learn it and everyone can do it because the movements are natural to everyone!


If you are interested in increasing your confidence and ability to defend yourself these courses are for you. Not only will the PDR program increase your overall awareness and ability to handle a threatening situation but it will supply you with the psychological, emotional, and physical tools to deal with conflicts we all face.


These courses will empower you, and you will be able to apply what you have learned immediately – effectively enhancing your competence and confidence when dealing with violence or conflict management. To be effective, we all must work to develop the ability to detect a potentially violent encounter, defuse the situation before it comes to violence or defend ourselves should the situation turn.


You owe it to yourself and even more importantly to those who depend on you, to do whatever you can to get home safe.


The S.P.E.A.R. System™ is so direct and efficient, major law enforcement and military training units across the globe integrate it into their training.


No matter who you are, you can not afford to be attacked, even if you believe you have the skills to defend yourself. The most dangerous and critical moment in an attack is the surprise, the ambush. Understanding the science of what naturally happens to us all in that moment is critical to taking the learning steps to get home safely. That is exactly what we teach.