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Naturally Applied provides a suite of professional focused training modules for business and individuals. All taught by qualified professionals who up skill front line staff globally.


All of our courses provide you with a combination of both street and boardroom level confidence and credibility. This assists with the professional development for you and your staff and has positive spill over for everyday life.

Services we provide include:
  • Protective Workplace Behaviour Training
  • Safe Tavel and Cross Cultural engagements
  • Interview Technique Training – for both sides of the table
  • Deception Detection Training
Protective Workplace Behaviour Training

Our Protective Workplace Behaviour Training is designed to help protect those in emotional and high tempo settings. Ideal for medical educational and finance settings. This course also teaches workers about their own workplace behaviour, how to best deal with bullies, and how to treat others to bring out their best.


Working together, we design courses incorporating a variety of behaviour management strategies from Situational / Threat Awareness, verbal deescalation, through to active counter measures.

Travel Safe and Cross Cultural Engagements

Our Travel safe course has assisted many with the skills needed to arrive at their destinations ready for either work or adventure. Sending staff to international meetings? Its important they know not only what to do but what not to do and we cover that with great scenario training. Using the skills acquired in the Austaliasian region, Africa the Middle East and the Americas your staff will be well informed and will have the tools to represent your organisation well.


Want to know when to shake hands, bow or when to use a hanky? It is important to know or the deal may be off.


Importantly, all our training courses are created to help improve safety in the workplace and help businesses and individuals understand risk factors which may derail the work mission.


Many have benefited from the course and we have taught this across Australiasia to students, teachers, medical staff and a range of Government employees.

Interview Technique Training

The skills learnt here suit both sides of the table. The Interview Technique Training Course is designed to shed new light on the opportunities and potential pitfalls of this vital interaction. We share whats important for both an interviewer and interviewee perspective. It will prepare your staff with the skills required to be confident when going for a job interview. Together we cover what to bring and what to wear, then we share how best to use your non-verbal skills not only at the table but upon arrival, the greeting and departure.


Naturally Applied has successfully taught this course since 2005 to Compliance and enforcement staff, investigators, school leavers, as well as teachers and medical staff.

Deception Detection Training

Our Deception Detection Training is designed to provide you and your team with the skills to detect subtle behavioural traits and to take note of overt actions.


Linked to the interview techniques course this targeted module gives you the fundamentals required to contextually understand and detect deception and provides strategies on what is important to do next.


Again this course has been taught to Investigators, medical staff, teachers, Compliance and Enforcement and real-estate staff since 2007.

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