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Naturally Applied is the #1 provider of safe travel preparation to all travellers including those heading off on their gap year. We deliver programs designed to bolster your life saving skills, threat awareness and cross cultural communication skills.

Gap Year Program Details

You will learn life saving threat assessments, situational and cultural awareness skills, health hints, disease prevention and what to do in a range of emergencies. Also how to choose safer food and water sources, identify better modes of travel so you can return home safe. And importantly be able to recognise the various traveller scams, street level criminal activities and potential kidnapping risks.


By signing up to this Australasian based Safe Travel course, you are stacking the deck in your favour in regard to personal safety for both domestic and international travel. It prepares you to make informed decisions both prior to and during your travels and prepares you to to deal with the real world challenges.


16th December 2017

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Built for travellers, Designed by travellers

Employers, by having your staff attend this life saving course, you are addressing the Occupational Workplace Health & Safety components of employment. You are investing in building both the confidence and ‘real world’ competence across your greatest asset, your staff.


During this course we will get them ready, we will share the skills and tools so they can effectively assess and manage day to day travel risks.


Solo travellers will directly benefit too. As we know ….when handled well, ‘on the road’ challenges often add texture, memories and excitement to the journey. But when mishandled, they can end the journey, cut short friendships and incur significant hardships, health costs and legal difficulties.


Take aways


By the end of this course, participants will:


  • Prepare and utilise pre-departure risk assessments and risk management action plans.
  • Identify their own personality traits and postures and the effect it has on others behavior in respect to cultural standards, boarder controls and public settings.
  • Plan what to pack, how to pack, and how to secure your gear.
  • Recognise health issues, disease prevention, practical first aid and better food and water options.
  • Identify safer modes of travel and the appropriate precautions while traveling all modes of travel.
  • Recognise the various traveller scams, criminal activities, and potential trouble spots.
  • Discuss the types of kidnapping, recognise the process, develop a personal vulnerability assessment, and mitigate their risk of being kidnapped.
  • Recognise and utilise personal safety protocols.
  • What to do in dynamic critical incidents, human induced or natural occurring.
  • Demonstrate a working understanding of all course content.


Using Reality Based Training methods, together we cover the key cultural considerations for many countries, how to communicate with the locals, at customs and immigration stops and most importantly situational awareness, spherical thinking and basic negotiation skills.


What is the primary outcome of the workshop?


Participants have a stronger sense of street wise purpose and direction. They will be armed with the decision making skills, higher situational appreciation and cultural understanding. This knowledge, when applied, will allow participants to engage with stronger confidence. Additionally, by understanding how various cultures relate and what they value, the traveller will have a enriched experience.


Or of course you can go it alone, a serous mistake in our opinion, especially when you see the data from DFAT almost 1000 Australians die over seas each year and 20 000 calls for assistance to our embassies and high commissions.


So please do consider levering off our many experiences in Iran, Sumatra, Bogota, Mendoza, the beaches of the Philippines, Board Rooms in Singapore and Jarkarta, West Africa, Bali, Chiang Mai, Indian train stations, Northern Cambodia, American theme parks, central american bus stations, Skiing in Japan, Italian wine shops and bakeries.


But of course it is completely up to you. Spend one day with us, learn some exciting life saving skills, pack better, get connected and learn about our reach back capacity.


We sincerely hope you join us and undertake the life saving training, and we know you will use it daily. We sincerely look forward to welcoming you to one of the courses.


16th December 2017

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