Senior Facilitator

Our senior presenter has worked with compliance and enforcement personnel since the early eighties. Sharing skills from dynamic threat awareness, to physical defense to disaster response, cross cultural communication and workplace safety.


Also he has been working with ‘at risk’ high school students for over 20 years. Kriton is an experienced, dedicated and motivated coach, with background in both the corporate and not-for-profit sectors. He shares the passion of all Naturally Applied staff for getting the job done safely as possible be it in the Medical, Law Enforcement, Maritime, Educational or the Financial arena.


Culturally Aware, Perceptive, intuitive with effective interpersonal communication skills he shares the skills needed to establish rapport and build relationships with people on many levels.


Kriton is also passionate in the pursuit of humanity, and decent medical care on a local, regional and international scale.

Facilitator – Educator

Simon splits his time, working both with Naturally Applied and with an NGO supporting hospitals in high risk areas. Just finished combatting the Ebola outbreak in Guinea and Liberia, West Africa he is now seconded to Iraq. Several years ago he completed his undergraduate degree in Clinical Practice before moving to Sydney Australia to work as a Paramedic for the Ambulance Service of New South Wales.


Since then he has completed a Masters of International Public Health and a Masters of Health Management and after working with people living with HIV and helping to set up Diabetes clinics in remote rural Cambodia. Buliding on this experience and appreciating the impact of sound management of social programs.


Training in the martial arts since age 5, Simon has travelled extensively in Asia, South America, North America and Europe. Simon is also a certified Personal Defense Readiness instructor certification directly from Coach Tony Blauer and has been instrumental in preparing course structure and content for Naturally Applied for the past 4 years.

Facilitator – Educator

Bi-lingual and culturally aware Bruno has led by example in a range of Government roles across Compliance and enforcement for over 17 years. He works effectively under pressure and is a highly successful negotiator. As a really engaging presenter, Bruno is a highly skilled motivator and a experienced natural team leader.


A level 3 operational safety operator, certified and experienced across the full suite of C&E use of force hardware with a strong back ground in the Community Justice system and high security settings, Bruno also delivers the De-escalation and Use of Force packages across several Government agencies.


He is also actively involved in reviewing and monitor training standards, techniques, tactics and procedures. A Certified IV Trainer & Assessor BTAA 40104,Training & Assessment TAE 40110, Security Operations and a Diploma of Security & Risk Management – CPP 50611 , S.P.E.A.R Coach Level 1 & 2 and Personal Defence Readiness Coach.


Bruno hs been a Guest lecturer Victoria Police Operational Safety and Tactics Training Unit Symposium, with the Department of Justice/Corrections Victoria Tactical Options Review Committe, and a member of the Security and Services Group (SESG) -High Security Escort Group


This experience is well balanced with a deep appreciation of the wider human experience and he is actively involved in several community based groups including being an ambassador for the White Ribbon Foundation.