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“For 8 years I have known and worked with Kriton. His expertise, integrity, people skills and ability to improve capacity for contact professionals has helped build my operational safety skills as well as the capabilities of many highly professional officers that I have had the privilege to work alongside of throughout my career in law enforcement. The success of any professional engagement depends on effective initial contact. If safety and success in contact management is a challenge, then Naturally Applied will provide you with solutions.”


Luke Bond




INTERPOL – Environment Security

I have had the honor to train with Kriton and his team over the years. When we met and trained together for the first time, I immediately detected an individual with high level of skill and knowledge but displayed the image of a perpetual student. I hope Kriton enjoyed learning from me as much as I have enjoyed learning from him.

I am excited to see the Naturally Applied professional development centre open. The team with his holistic approach to safety, combatives, life and learning will make this facility a success. I look forward coming from the US to experience his teaching personally.

Lt. Kevin F. Dillon (Ret), Founder of LOCKUP Police Combat System, Internationally recognized speaker and trainer

For over 20 years I have known Kriton as a unique individual who’s skill sets, wealth of experience and talents span both government, NGO and private sector business. I appreciated his client focussed mind set and above all his people focussed approach. I have undertaken training with Kriton and called upon his services to deliver training and seminars Internationally to clients across a diverse range of cultures. He is a dedicated professional and I have no hesitation in recommending him both on a personal level and the services of Naturally Applied.

Danny Hodder, Regional Director APAC & Japan, Global Security – AstraZeneca

Kriton is a gifted instructor who has a unique ability to apply core concepts to the specific context of his students. For almost three decades he has distinguished himself as a passionate student and ?teacher… both sides of the education coin. I have no doubt that with his leadership the Naturally Applied training facility will be empowering and important to many people. I look forward to my next chance to visit.

Rob Pincus, www.icetraining.us/robpincus.html

The presenter is one of those people who gets it. He’s a student, an innovator and a teacher. He is committed to Constant and never-ending improvement—for himself and those he influences and inspires.

I’m confident his new endeavors will continue to serve—and serve well—those people, groups and companies who are fortunate enough to take advantage of his unique set of communication skills.

Michael Angier, www.successnet.org

I am an avid supporter of Dr Glenn, I have been in the field with him boarding foreign fishing vessels, in the Australian Maritime estate and collecting evidence in remote marine national parks. He is a confident professional, effortlessly leading and empowering those around him in challenging cross cultural environments and I encourage other professionals to absorb his practical lifesaving information.

Peter Taylor, Former Director, Commonwealth Marine National Parks, Australia

For the Investigators Operational Safety Course
The searching techniques and awareness of exit strategies were most useful
I am ranking this course 5 out of 5.

Victoria,Commonwealth Investigator

The Situational Awareness / Threat Assessment training and safety principals were most valuable for me. I’d like to see this extended from 2 to 5 days and include the serving of Warrants.
Excellent course and I suggest our department incorporates this training for all compliance and enforcement officers.

Steve (Senior investigator)

This was an excellent course, we should look at running it for all the staff in the Branch. I would consider extending it to include record of interview and debriefing modules.

SMark, Director, Investigators Section, Compliance and Enforcement Branch

Being the newbie on the team this course certainly made me feel more comfortable working with any or all of the team

It would be good to have other agencies we work with do the too so there is an aligned approach. The realism of the course and energy of the presenter was great.

Gay, Commonwealth Investigator